Who We Are

Who We Are

M I S S I O N  S T A T E M E N T

To sustainably produce the highest quality food and farm products, in a manner that preserves and enhances our community and natural resources.


Sandy was a Peace Corps volunteer in Colombia, SA (1962-1964). He started his time doing community development in Tenjo, outside of Bogota. After one year there, he became a volunteer leader on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia, based in Barranquilla. He was responsible for overseeing 20 sites. After serving his time in the Peace Corps, he returned to Columbia University and received his B. S. degree.

Sandy then returned to Colombia, SA to run an experimental cattle ranch in Los Llanos for eight years along with his wife Rossie. Afterwards, he came back to the United States to become one of the first Executive Directors of a camp in Virginia for medically handicapped kids.

Sandy and Rossie Fisher now run Brookview Farm!

Brooks Davis, Farm Operations Manager with Our Leader of the Herd ‘Hebron’ (white cow)


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